Our business model creates a single-source partner for converting, warehousing, and supply chain programs.

For the past 20 years, Midwest Converting has been adding real value to our customers by providing converting programs that break down barriers adding value, entering into new markets, speed to market, and product diversity offerings.

By understanding the dynamics of the markets it serves, Midwest Converting has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on generating value far beyond simply converting paper from one size to another. We have a deep understanding of the difficulties our industry experiences on a daily basis, and we have a proven ability to provide our customers the flexibility, capability, and adaptability needed to operate more effectively.

A leading converter of specialty, commercial, graphic, packaging, and board products, Midwest Converting provides solutions that help drive improved service standards, customer efficiency, productivity, and service standards.

The 250,000 square foot facility Midwest Converting resides in, is shared with a warehousing company (Midwest Warehouse). This alliance enables the ability to provide comprehensive converting, warehousing, and distribution solutions that drive maximum efficiency. Operating separately but partnering together allows both companies to focus on their core competency.

As supply chains evolve in markets, opportunities in new distribution channels often emerge that provide better solutions to serve a specific market, customer group, or single customer. When the proper converting program can be put in place to meet the requirements of a target market or end user, the benefits of an outsourcing partner like Midwest Converting, could become the value-added identity that enhances your company’s value proposition.


Midwest Converting is more than a toll converter to our customers. We provide solutions to the entire supply chain that the customer belongs to.

  • By understanding the dynamics of the markets we serve, Midwest Converting has carved out a niche for themselves by focusing on generating value far beyond just simply converting paper from one size to another. We provide operational solutions to complex supply chain programs that are driven by diverse requirements in the market or end-user.
  • We continue to stay in the forefront of our markets, bring fresh ideas, and show our customers how we can be effective helping them meet their objectives. Our operational platform consists of developing real solutions that gives our clients complete business flexibility, variable cost structures, differentiating capabilities, speed to market, and enhanced supplier value in the market place.
  • We invest our time in learning our client’s unique circumstances, then work together to develop effective solutions that transform industry challenges into competitive advantages for your organization.
  • We pride ourselves on our positive “can do” attitude. When others say “we can’t,” we say “we can and will!”

We operate under a simple philosophy: "when our customers are successful we are successful"