In The Highly Competitive Market, Supplier Value Can Be the Difference When a Customer Decides To Place Orders

As competitive pressures mount, companies are searching for that competitive edge either organically or through merger/acquisitions to lower cost, create new products, and at the same time improve service. Overall industry consolidation continues as major players take advantage of economies of scale to become more efficient and optimize capacity. In addition, some larger companies have also been divesting non-core assets in order to focus on and invest in their core business lines.

While shifting to outside converting services on a holistic basis defies conventional wisdom for many, Midwest Converting continues to demonstrate how our converting business model can be used as a means to add supplier value, gain a competitive advantage, and transform industry challenges into competitive advantages for their organization

Our core business and value in the market place is not only to perform toll converting of rolls and sheets for the paper and board industry, but to break down barriers to the daily business challenges and give companies the flexibility, capability, and adaptability needed to operate more effectively in a volatile marketplace.

Finding new ways to create value and differentiate through converting services can enhance the commodity producer’s/merchant’s value proposition. This can be accomplished by the industry adopting a different approach to converting services in order to add value to an organization.