Continuing commitment to our business and supporting our market, Midwest Converting is very excited to announce that we have purchased a new Double-Fly-Knife Precision Sheeter that will add capacity and provide additional converting capabilities in large format.

Many companies trust and rely on Midwest Converting for outsourced converting and reliable supply chain services. How promptly and efficiently we can react to our customer orders, has a direct effect on their value in the marketplace. Midwest Converting recognizes the dynamics and challenges of the markets we serve, and how effective supply chains have become strategic imperatives to our customers.

We invest heavily to create competitive advantages that transform what some seem to be impossible industry challenges, into competitive advantages. Our production facility operates within GMP 21 CFR Part 110 and FSMA compliance for direct and indirect food contact and we have FSC, and SFI certifications.

As supply chains evolve in markets, opportunities in new distribution channels often emerge that provide better solutions to serve a specific market or customer. When the proper converting program can be executed to meet the requirements of that target market or end user, the benefits of an outsourcing partner like Midwest Converting, will have a defining impact on value-added identity, as well as increasing your company’s value proposition in the market place.